About Us


At Serenity Sessions, you will align with your inner being, learn to live in a state of flow, and cleanse the energy channels of your body, mind, and soul. The journey of self healing is a holistic journey, and we must approach ourselves with kindness and compassion. Serenity Sessions is here to help you obtain a state of deep self knowledge and self actualization that will allow you to be fully present and fully at peace. 


Our Mission

To transform lives from chaos to clarity by detoxing the body, mind, and soul.

Our Values

Meet The Owner

Katie Albee

Katie Albee, the visionary founder of Serenity Sessions, has been a beacon of holistic well-being in Eugene, Oregon. With a passion rooted in the fusion of traditional and contemporary practices, Katie's Serenity Sessions offers transformative experiences for those seeking spiritual and emotional balance. Simultaneously, she showcases her artistic prowess, delivering handcrafted tie-dye pieces that resonate with the spirit of the Pacific Northwest, and teaches others to do the same. Her ventures are a testament to Katie's dedication to enriching and uplifting her community.