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What We Offer

Reiki Energy Work 

Theta Healing

For people and pets alike! Energy is everything, and when the energy is off, it can effect all aspects of our life. Through energy work and healing, we cut ties with negative energy and realign our chakras to have a clearer connections to our core self. Let go of negative emotions, relax, and reduce stress.

1 Hour Session  | $70

1.5 Hour Session | $100

Ionic Detox Foot Bath Eugene Oregon Serenity Sessions LLC reduce inflammation, alkaline state, neutralize toxins

Ionic Detox Footbath

Toxins are all around us, and exposure to these toxins is inevitable. The accumulation of these toxins in our bodies contributes to the overall quality of our health and ultimately our lives. Submerge your feet in an ionizing array to nuetralize charged toxins and draw them out of the body.

1 Hour Session  | $70

1.5 Hour Session | $100

Custom Tie-Dye shirts, pants, and Accessories. As Well as Tie-Dye Parties!

Custom Tie-Dye

The process of tie-dying can be a relaxing and meditative experience, and wearing custom tie-dye is a great way to reflect your individual personality and style. We have a large collection of one of a kind tie-dyed clothing, and if you would like to make youe own, we do custom tie-dye events!

Custom Tie-Dyed Clothing  | $20 - $50

Custom Tie-Dye Events  | Prices Vary

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